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About us
About Us

Meng was established in 2010 and is already a company to reckon with. Founded by experts in the Telecommunications fraternity, it is strategically engineered to be a one stop shop for communication solutions. Meng is known as the best technology provider of choice. MENG has been accredited by ICASA through an ECN and ECNS licence. The expert-base resident within the organisation stems from disciplines such as tele-communication, network design, research and Development, business re-engineering.

What We Do

We have built an infrastructure that enables the delivery of high speed broadband access and services that is available and affordable to the majority, thus making broadband access the new utility. It is our deep-seated belief that knowledge and communication should be accessible to everyone. Technology empowers economic opportunity, and with technology comes the opportunity to not only be creative, but to have the ability to make yourself heard.